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About Eatology

We tell you our story

When looking to lose weight, the co-founders of Eatology realized that regular physical activity alone would not be enough to achieve their weight loss goal.
Their diet was just as important as their exercise.

Paying attention to the quantity and quality of their food, they began to prepare their meals by carefully choosing their food, weighing it and calculating the macro-nutrients that made up their plates.

Their results were the envy of those who could not find the time to prepare meals that met their nutritional needs. For them, the answer was often the easy way out: fast food, ready-made meals or take-out…

This is where the Eatology adventure was born, first in Asia and now in Paris.

The team

They make this beautiful mechanism run

The fouders

EMILE – The brains behind the operation. He is our nutrition specialist, who came up with the idea of Eatology. His motto: you can’t make an omelette without breaking ten eggs.

RAPHAEL – Legs. It is called the king of the pinwheel. Because it takes a certain amount of technique to propel this beautiful mechanism.

Our Meal-plans

The chefs

Passionate about nutrition, Ronan and Kilian bring their experience in food to the development of Eatology healthy menus.

They worked alongside the greatest chefs in Paris before joining Eatology.

For them the key words are freshness, quality and flavor.

Our Dishes

The Nutrition Specialist

VALÉRIE SCHELLINGEN (Dietitian Nutritionist D.E.) – Passionate about the Human, she decided to put 20 years of management and personal development experience at your service.
Accompanying you to help you achieve your personal goals, surpass yourself, increase your self-confidence and feel better: this is her deep motivation.
The positive approach of the Eatology team, respectful of its subscribers, the constant search for quality, the fresh products used and the dishes served with a great taste seduced her.
This made her want to participate in the Eatology adventure in France and be by your side in your quest for well-being and health.

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