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About us

Once upon a time in Hong-Kong

Everything started several years ago on a different continent. Eatology co founders, all very busy professionals, wanted to get back in shape and lose some extra pounds.
They were soon to realize than when it comes to lose weight, hitting the gym was never sufficient. Actually, diet is far more important than exercise.

Hence, they started to prepare each of their meal, choosing carefully the products, weighing ingredients, portions, dressing, etc. The results were amazing and their entourage was astonished.
The only thing that could be improved : the taste ! The co-founders decided to have some professional Chefs prepare the dishes and that is how Eatology began in Asia, 5 years ago.

The team

The founders

EMILE – The mastermind behind the operation. He is our nutrition specialist, who came up with the idea of Eatology. His motto: you can’t make an omelette without breaking ten eggs.

RAPHAELaka Legs or the king of the pinwheel. Because it takes a certain amount of technique to propel this beautiful mechanism.

Our Meal-plans

The chefs


Passionate about nutrition, Ronan brings his experience in food to the development of Eatology healthy menus.

He worked alongside the greatest chefs in Paris before joining Eatology.

For him the key words are freshness, quality and pleasure.

The Nutrition Specialist

DEBORAH SELOUADJI (Dietitian Nutritionist D.E.)After a career as a lawyer for several years in international firms, in France and abroad, Deborah has decided to put her passion for people, health and food together to become nutritionnist. Convinced that food is the first medicine, she has been seduced by Eatology’s approach valuing high quality food as well as respect of environment and pleasure. She joined the Eatology boat in 2019. With her team of professionals, she accompanies you all along your program to help you achieve your goals, advise and provide support. She also provides some tips and recipes that you can find on our website. 

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