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How to choose and for how long ?

Eatology programs are designed to help you lose weight while enjoying your food, using quality, healthy, seasonal foods.

As many low-carb diets, our Low Carb and Kéto (Cétogène) programs enable rapid weight loss, in some cases even the first week. By limiting carb intake, they encourage the body to use fat for the energy your metabolism needs

If you are used to a high and regular consumption of sugary products, especially quick sugars (high glycemic index fruits, white flours, breakfast cereals), you may feel slightly tired in the first few days due to the lack of glucose.

You can also opt for the Bien-Etre program. Like our Low Carb and Kéto (Cétogène) programs, it is based on a controlled number of calories, but this time it maintains a more even distribution between carbs, proteins and fats.

You benefit from a balanced diet, which will help you to return to good eating habits over time, without giving up the little sweet treats in measured quantities.

How many meals and calories per day ?

All our programs include breakfast because it is the most important meal. It is also the biggest source of bad eating habits: too much processed food, white flour and sugar.

A good diet starts with a good breakfast.

The rest depends on the number of calories you need and your lifestyle.

A woman generally needs about 1200 calories a day, or 1500 if she exercises regularly.

For a man, between 1500 and 1800. Those who exercise frequently can supplement their day with extra calories.

The main thing is not to be hungry. Our programs are designed not to create a nutrient deficit, which is the source of the feeling of hunger.

If you choose our breakfast plus lunch or dinner formula, we recommend that your third meal contains around 400 calories. Please ask us for advice on which foods to choose.

The role of snacks

Eatology snacks allow you to adjust the total number of calories in your day without overloading your main meals

Their nutritional composition is calculated to fit into your Eatology day total.

The snacks are also a source of extra energy in the morning and afternoon. Some of our clients choose to have them after their workout, or even as a dessert on high energy days. Others sometimes give them to their children…

Find the right program for you

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You don’t know what to choose?

Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice on selecting your Eatology program.



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